Bill Speizman has been my business
guru for more than a dozen years. His
advice was key to our building the
most successful personal injury
practice in the state of Nevada.

Richard A. Harris
Harris Law Firm
Las Vegas, Nevada

I've worked with Bill Speizman for
years. He knows what he's talking
about and what he's talking about adds

bottom-line value. In one instance, a
twenty minute conversation with
Bill saved us $75,000.
Samuel W. Bearman

Personal Injury Attorney
Pensacola, FL

For more than a decade, I have sought
Bill Speizman's counsel in running the
business side of my personal injury
practice. His advice has been both
exceptional and highly profitable.

Patric A. Lester
Personal Injury Attorney
St. Louis, MO

"Start transforming
the business side
of your practice
from a nuisance to
a profit center."

--Bill Speizman

Q: Bill, tell me about yourself and how you can help me make more money from my personal injury practice?

A: (About me) I'm a business consultant not an attorney. Since 1986, I've specialized in helping personal injury attorneys increase the profitability of their practices. I've made millions of dollars for my clients. In some cases, I've done that for individual attorneys. I'm the only business consultant in the country who's worked exclusively with members of the plaintiff's bar for more than two decades.

A: (Five ways I can help you make more money from your personal injury practice)

1. My Unique Workshop. I guarantee you'll learn new ways to make money at How to Increase Practice Profitability Using Classic Business Tactics and Strategy. It's designed exclusively for plaintiff's personal injury practices receiving 20% or more of their cases from the public not attorney referrals. For details, please go to my WORKSHOP page.

I deliver the Workshop in your office or home, using an Internet conferencing service. The Workshop is recorded. You can use the copy of the recording I send you to review the material we've covered.

Details of my Money Back Guarantee are near the bottom of the WORKSHOP page. For a schedule of upcoming sessions, please go to the REGISTRATION page.

2. My Program for Maximizing Your Word-of-Mouth Referrals. Why settle for the referrals that show up at your door? Put on a full court press and get all the word-of-mouth you possibly can.

I've created the only comprehensive program for maximizing client referrals and repeat business in personal injury practices. Members of the plaintiff's bar have been using my system for many years. It increased signups at Horowitz and Fowler here in Southern California from an average of 42 per month to an average of 75 per month. On the East Coast, Coleman and Gallagher used my program to sign up seven, million dollar cases in their first nine years. Those cases generated fees of $5.5 million. They paid no attorney referral fees. Contact me for more information.

3. My Money-Saving Consultations. Sam Bearman, whose testimonial appears at the left, planned to spend $100,000 on a marketing initiative. Before launching it, Sam called, told me what he planned to do and asked for my feedback. I explained why his chances of success were less than 5%. I recommended an alternative way to achieve his goal. Sam took my advice and was very successful. He also saved $75,000 of the $100,000 he had planned to spend.

You could save a lot of money if you call and consult with me before making major decisions on the business side of your practice. Contact me to schedule a consultation.

4. My Procedure for Making More Profitable Marketing-Effort Renewal Decisions. Since Bates v. Arizona, personal injury attorneys have blown hundreds of millions of dollars renewing money-losing marketing efforts. How can that be?

In making their renewal decisions, they have relied on gut feelings and casual observations of marketing efforts' results. Worst case, they have renewed marketing efforts simply because they were afraid not to. All of that is business nonsense. It's why
, in the aggregate, personal injury attorneys have lost those millions.

The only businesslike way to make your renewal decisions is with a quantitative procedure. Furthermore, the quantitative procedure you use must focus on more than the cost of the marketing effort whose renewal you're considering. It must also take account of
your practice overhead and how much money you want to take out of your practice.

I developed a quantitative procedure for making your renewal decisions that meets those requirements.

Pat Lester, whose testimonial appears at the left, said of my procedure, "There is nothing else like this. It's one of the things we've all been looking for, a rational way to decide whether to renew our advertising. This could literally save a personal injury attorney tens of thousands of dollars."
Contact me for more information.

5. My Revolutionary System for Maximizing the Productivity of Your Support Staff. Help your support staff get more work done in less time. Declare war on personal injury practices' number one productivity killer--interruptions.

For staff members doing the work on your files, the chief interruption culprit is client status calls, emails and texts. Status inquiries can arrive in any number at any time. (In some practices, new case calls that need to be screened and new case files that need to be opened also diminish support staff productivity).

Your support staff can abate status inquiry interruptions by putting your clients on hold, asking your receptionist to take messages or "waiting till later" to respond to their emails and texts. None of those expedients makes for high levels of client satisfaction or tons of referrals.

I devised a revolutionary way to organize support staffs in personal injury practices. By virtually eliminating status inquiry interruptions, my Staff Productivity Optimizing Tool (SPOT) helps your staff get their work done with unparalleled efficiency. Moreover, SPOT all but assures when your clients contact you about their cases, they will receive the prompt attention they desire and deserve. My system builds on an underutilized resource you've already bought and paid for in your office. SPOT is spot-on. Contact me for more information.

Q: Bill, what do other vendors and consultants do that you don't?

I  don't produce television commercials or buy television time. I don't design websites. I don't do search engine optimization or social media positioning. I don't sell computers or servers or install local area networks. I don't offer practice management software or assist in synchronizing or securing your digital platforms. I don't do mass tort marketing. Many organizations and individuals provide those goods and services.

On the other hand, as far as I know, I'm the only one who provides the five services listed above.